Sara has a way with words in that when she speaks it is as if the whole room leans in to capture her message. She puts the audience at ease and makes people want to engage with the material she is presenting. She is incredibly articulate and when speaking in front of others her craft almost seems effortless.

— Jannette Swanson, Asst. Director of Career Development, Vassar College

Sometimes I wish I had Sara in my pocket, so I could sprinkle her on people who need some spark in their life.

— Emily, Penn State ’10

Because of Sara’s authenticity, she was able to challenge the crowd to want to be better not just as an athlete but as a young adult that will begin a new journey in life after college. Attendees mentioned how they left feeling free and understanding that in order to be a leader, you must have the freedom and sense of acceptance to do so.

— Cammie, Asst. Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement, Marist College

If you listen to Sara and follow her guidelines on loving your “ugly” you will find that not only do you not fear your imperfections but you embrace them. She helps everyone realize they are on this earth for a reason.

— Liz, Marist College ’12

Sara has been critical to learning how to not pass judgement on myself and to learning how to break bad habits and turn what seem like insurmountable tasks into smaller obtainable achievements. It has been invaluable to know that Sara’s in my corner rooting for me, believing in me, and there to provide ideas and support when I hit bumps in the road.

— Elliana, Pacific Gas & Electric

Sara is an extraordinary Trainer/Coach whose demeanor inspires trust and openness and whose processes produce breakthroughs which leave participants in committed action instead of mere insights.

— Chris

I learned that true strength comes from within. I could have not learned this powerful lesson and so many others without the guidance from Sara. She led us with her compassion to find our inner voice and express it.

— Dana, 16 years old

Sara’s coaching is spot-on and her love and commitment shine through in everything she does. Girls everywhere are fortunate to have an advocate like they have in Sara Nowlin!

— Brenda Bernstein, Founder of The Essay Expert

Since participating her program, I have realized that accepting myself exactly as I am is the key to happiness and success – a fact that many people, including my old self, have backwards.

— Carolyn, Lehigh University ’15

Ever since our Workshop, my life has been so much more self empowering. I feel that our workshop opened a whole new world for me.

— Lina