Life Coaching empowers you to clarify your thoughts, access your dreams and set specific goals and achieve the results you desire.


Sara pushes me every day to be the absolute best ‘me’ I can be and because of her, I truly know that I am worth it.

— Elizabeth, Northwestern Mutual

An expert at directing people toward success, Sara will teach you how to shift your perceptions to make the positive life changes you want. If you are feeling stuck, confused or unhappy, Sara can help give you the tools you need to take action and achieve results.

 •    Take Your Career to the Next Level
 •    Deal with Relationship Challenges
 •    Create Balance in Life
 •    Build More Self-Confidence

How Does Life Coaching Work?

The relationship with a Life Coach is unique connection that creates a safe space to stretch yourself to reach your greatness. As your coach, Sara will listen deeply to you and provide you with practical tools to grow in measurable ways to reach your goals.

You meet at a scheduled time, either via phone, Skype or in person. Throughout the coaching relationship, Sara asks you powerful questions that give you access to your best information, talents, emotions and your true Self.  She also provides positive support, structure, energy, insight and exercises to effectively remove barriers and gain traction toward your goals.  Between sessions, you are assigned specific steps to take and tasks to complete, to hold you accountable for achieving the results you want.